Interview a NATEXPO 2016 Participant

NATEXPO 2016, the international exhibition of professional equipment and technologies for the TV, Radio, Internet Broadcasting and Cinema Production industries, took place in Moscow, Russia from the 16th to 18th November. At the exhibition, we spoke with one participant of the event, StudiTech. The company welcomed their partners and friends with whom they have been working with for many years in Moscow. Daria Platonova, PR manager at StudiTech, spoke with us about the represented products, modern trends and interesting moments of the show.

img_8069 Please tell us about the products that you represented at the exhibition this year.

Daria Platonova: As usual, we represented a wide range of brands at NATEXPO 2016, but I’d like to single out Junger Audio, RTW, Schoeps, WisyCom, Audient and Bel from these. We’ve been cooperating with Junger Audio since 2011. Being a certified partner in Russia, StudiTech provides the full range of services: sale of equipment right through to service and technical support. The history of our common projects and work with RTW has lasted for 20 years, and we’ve also been working with the full range of products from the company-manufacturer: Premium Segment, Smart Segment, Software Segment. We represent these for the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus territories.

When speaking about these companies, I am of course talking about the technological solutions for the measuring and normalization of sound level in television and radio broadcasting. This year at the StudiTech booth, Schoeps represented a new product – MiniCMIT – that has outstanding features of legendary microphones. It has a compact sizewith no reduction in quality when compared with its “big brothers”. Here I suppose that no comment is needed, as Schoeps microphones are well known all over the world.
WisyCom were represented by their wireless microphone systems, a new programmable RF combiner – MAT288 – a solutions for the largest sport events, and location recording. Audient showcased their full range of legendary professional audio interfaces – iD (iD4, iD14, iD22), and microphone amplifiers – ASP800 and ASP880. This company represents technological solutions for recording studios of many types– from home studios to large professional studios.
Bel Digital was our new brand the year. BM-A1-64DANTE was demonstrated at the show, an Audio-over-IP (AoIP) audio monitoring unit (AMU) that allows confidence monitoring of any channel present on a Dante(TM) network.

img_7991 Who are your potential customers?

Daria Platonova: In the framework of NATEXPO, and after the “Sound level of advertising on the TV” seminars passed in October, our company became the silver sponsor of the event. This meant our potential customers are now firmly placed as the biggest TV channels and radio stations. Many channels already have products from Junger Audio and RTW, and the official distributor of these companies in the Russian Federation is StudiTech. Many TV channels are just expecting the renewal of the equipment stock, according to the orders accepted by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

img_7976 What results do you expect to come from the exhibition?

Daria Platonova: First and foremost, it is always nice to see our friends and partners with whom we have been working for many years. Secondly, it’s great to meet new people, professionals and experts in the industry, and people who remain up-to-date with evolving technology. It’s awesome when you see students at the exhibition, for whom this place is not just a social scene but an opportunity to gain knowledge. If speaking about our companies, we have already received new orders on the equipment, and are waiting for new ones. In the near future, there will be workshops and trainings in our office, which take lots of hard work.

img_7987 In your opinion, what trends does NATEXPO set?

Daria Platonova: Of course NATEXPO sets the newest trends for the development of TV technologies. It has audio sections that represent the best system integrators and Russian design engineers. This year, the zone for technical conferences was renewed, and also the format of the conferences was altered. I won’t be talking from the point of view of a highly-qualified engineer, as my specialisation is different, but I can tell you for sure that the format of the exhinition could be seen as more focussed when compared to previous years. This said, the tradition of meetings at NATEXPO still taking place in the period of world crisis can’t help but make us more confident. We expect the successful development of the markets for broadcasting technologies, and wish prosperity to our friends and partners.

img_7977 What ways of modernization are more appropriate to modern Russian television?

Daria Platonova: As we work with audio technologies, we are of course interested in the modernization of the segment. We are particularly interested in the measuring, control, distribution and transportation of audio signals. There are a number of issues with the understanding of automatization and control of the sound levels within broadcasting, and this often leads to the quality of audio signals lowering. The recent seminar on “Sound level of advertising on TV” showed that there are differences in the methods of measuring the parameters of audio signals between the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service and by broadcasters. We hope that the right decision for solving this issue will be made very soon as the designated people work hard on it.

Tatiana Nikitchenkova
ZioGiorgio Network

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