Beyma introducing new products

The new PM4 diaphragm is the result of the research in new materials, the new CD10Nd and CD10Fe are the first compression drivers in the audio field using this innovative material, which, says Beyma, "confers superb sonic response with unparalleled natural sound as well as the strength, stability and resistance that is required in the professional applications".

 With same concept philosophy of the 6CX200Nd, Beyma introduces the new 5CX200Nd, a compact 5” coaxial speaker, which is able to work in a real full range application thanks to the low frequency extension of the woofer, an accurate and clear mid frequency response which takes benefit from the demodulating ring and optimized high frequencies with controlled dispersion provided by the 1,75” compression driver with a custom made aluminium horn. The common neodymium circuit design results in a compact and powerful unit: 300/80 watt program capacity (LF/HF) with 1,85 kg weight and less than 100 mm depth.

The 8CX300Nd joins the family as well. Carbon Fiber loaded cone with Santoprene™ surround and extended displacement capabilities which means an outstanding low response and accurate mids; PM4 diaphragm for the 1,75” compression driver which provides natural sound and extended high frequency response; demodulating ring for lower harmonic distortion.

Designed with MMSS Technology for a symmetric and linear behaviour; compact and low weight thanks to the common neodymium motor design.

The LX60 subwoofer family  is updated, providing the  latest improvements in technology, materials and processes, which results in the LX60V2 family: 12LX60V2, 15LX60V2 and 18LX60V2. The new units deliver the same response and have equivalent parameters as the previous ones (1400 W power capacity) in order to be a perfect replacement while featuring the new improvements, like the waterproof treatment for both sides of the cone; the FEA optimized magnetic circuit which, along with the MMSS suspension system design, provides a controlled, linear and symmetric behaviour of the moving assembly, resulting in lower harmonic distortion; new 4” DUO double layer inner/outer voice coil or the new CONEX spiders for higher resistance and consistency.

Also available: the SW1600Nd subwoofer family with HELICEX® Technology, including the most powerful 12” sub in the market, the 2400 watts 12SW1300Nd as well as the dynamic and precise 15SW1300Nd. The family is completed with the 18SW1600Nd and 21SW1600Nd; two big pieces able to handle 3200 watts.

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