Erjk: F4 and F10 Loudspeakers

This press release, with its sentimental vein, transmits the passion that Erjk puts into its products, including the new F4, two-way loudspeaker dedicated to the reproduction of the voice, and the bi-amped F10, the first to products of the new “Live” line.
You will hear soon of other incoming products…

“There are memories, adventures, meetings, places that remain engraved in our hearts for ever. Unforgettable moments that produce indescribable and strongly personal emotions. Words, sounds and music can make these emotions really special. We want to participate to the creation of these emotions, exalting every single note, word or melody with our loudspeakers, so that you can feel these emotions, get lost in them and become fond of them, reaching the limits of sound reproduction with us.

Our aim is the following: if there is a strong sound emotion, Erjk is in the air. From the fidelity in two-way voice reproduction of our F4, thanks to the tone deepness of bass frequencies, to the versatility and effectiveness of F10,the perfect bi-amplified ‘companion’ able to enhance any kind of sound: from pop music, to jazz, and even the hardest rock.

Wether you are in a small venue, in a wide stadium, in the intimacy of a pub or in a huge disco, we are ready to guide your emotions! And if this is not enough and you really want to feel our idea of reaching the limits of sound reproduction, pay us a visit and enter our anechoic room. This is just a taste.”


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