Melzer at ServoDrive/Sound Physics Labs

To keep pace with expanding sales and to better meet shifting customer demands, ServoDrive/Sound Physics Labs announces the appointment of Tom Melzer as director of sales and marketing. In addition, the company announces that designer/engineer Thomas Danley is no longer with the organization.

Melzer had worked with Danley at the former Intersonics Corporation for eight years where they collaborated on a number of innovative product developments, including the legendary ServoDrive BassTech7 & ContraBass subwoofers. Melzer has worked as a consultant to ServoDrive/Sound Physics Labs and is committed to providing service and support for ServoDrive customers.

Photo caption: Tom Melzer appointed sales & marketing director for ServoDrive/Sound Physics Labs.

According to ServoDrive/Sound Physics Labs president Bradford Skuran, sales of the SPL-td1, SPL-td2, SPL-runt and other Unity technology products are brisk and expanding, and the company’s growth potential is improved by the change to a greater marketing emphasis. “The Unity and B-DEAP technologies are still early in their product life cycles,” notes Skuran. “We intend to sell these remarkable loudspeakers for many years. The skills and commitment of people like Melzer is a huge reason why. Melzer not only excels at innovation, but in his pivotal role of director of sales and marketing, he’ll be responsible for expanding the fixed and live sound markets, as well as giving our customers the benefit of his technical expertise and dedication to customer service. All at SPL are delighted that Melzer is rejoining the ServoDrive/Sound Physics Labs family and his presence will undoubtedly further our leading edge presence in both the pro audio and contractor markets.”

At the same time, the company bids farewell to designer/engineer Thomas Danley who leaves to pursue new professional opportunities. “Tom did a brilliant job on the early stage design and engineering of the SPL-td1, the new phase/time-correct SPL-td2, SPL-runt, and the SPL-trik,” Skuran says. “But given that all R&D work has now been completed on the basic technologies for these successful products, we agreed that the timing was right for Mr. Danley to take on other challenges, not exclusive to the ServoDrive/Sound Physics Labs Group.”

Sound Physics Labs is the parent company of ServoDrive, Inc. ServoDrive manufactures the industry benchmark BassTech7 and ContraBass subwoofers. Sound Physics Labs is responsible for the complete line of Unity loudspeakers.

Sound Physics Labs:

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